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Debate "European Union 2020 Strategy" May 10th 2010, Lisbon, Portugal

Speech by Jerónimo de Sousa, Secretary General of the Portuguese Communist Party
Portuguese Communist Party (PCP)
May 17, 2010

Today, whenever we recall this propaganda catch-phrase, some smirk and other disguise their responsibility by whistling to the side. That's natural. It is the European Commission itself that today affirms that industrial production is at the level of the 90s; that unemployment affects 10% of the active population, that is 23 million people; that 21% of young people don't have a right to work; that there are 83 million poor in the European Union and that the combined GDP of the European Union member states fell 4% only in the last year.


11 IMCWP Intervention by CP of Ireland
January 18, 2010
National Executive Committee, Communist Party of Ireland
20 November 2009

Comrades, the political and economic landscape is undergoing significant changes and at an accelerated pace over the last few years. The absolute hegemony of the United States, as proclaimed by the authors of the “Project for a New American Century,” is now seen to be unattainable.

The trend towards a multipolar world continues to gather pace as groups of countries and regional blocs emerge and gather momentum in opposition to the two big imperialist blocs, the United States and the European Union. Most notable has been the development of ALBA, a group of countries in the Caribbean and Latin America which, inspired by the example of revolutionary Cuba, is setting about the development of an alternative model of economic development and co-operation which is progressive and anti-imperialist.


Meeting of Balkan Communist and Workers’ Parties
Intervention by KKE
Thessaloniki, 19.12.2009

Dear comrades,

Welcome to Thessaloniki to the Meeting of Balkan Communist and Workers’ Parties which is held on an initiative of our Party and has as its theme “the struggles and the experiences of the communists under the conditions of the world capitalist crisis”.

This meeting coincides with the 20th anniversary since the escalation of the counterrevolutionary developments in Central and Eastern Europe which were celebrated by opportunists and bourgeois forces at the various events organised in Berlin. We can sum up what these 20 years actually brought for the peoples in Balkans, in Central and Eastern Europe in a few words: unemployment, abolition of historical social gains, cruel exploitation of the working class and the other popular strata, poverty for the majority of the people and super-profits for the plutocracy, imperialist wars, dissolution of states, depleted uranium. The celebrations of the bourgeois opportunist parties about the alleged “victory of democracy” in the former socialist countries are totally false and hypocritical. If we look their democracy in the eyes we will see that it is all about the aggressiveness of the capital, the brutal exploitation, the oppression of the working people and the repression measures aiming at preventing the class struggle and every attempt to overthrow the exploitative capitalist system. The bourgeois political forces in Poland have shown this once again clearly by banning the communist symbols and imposing heavy penalties of imprisonment and fines. It is an outrageous decision that follows the previous decision taken by the EU and its bodies as well as the parliamentary assembly of the OSCE. From this podium we would like to express our solidarity with the communist party of Poland that is now acting under very hard conditions since except from the anticommunist article 13 of the Polish constitution the criminal prosecution of communists is also under way.

The 11th International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties was held successfully in New Delhi, India a few weeks ago. The Meeting discussed the situation created by the capitalist crisis, the experiences from the workers’ and peoples’ struggles, the objectives and the role of the communist parties and the workers’ movement. It issued a statement stressing that we are witnessing a crisis of the capitalist system that shows its historical limits and the need for its revolutionary overthrow. The statements underlines the responsibilities of the bourgeois forces both liberal and social democrat ones and reiterates that the communist and workers’ parties shall work actively to rally and mobilize the widest possible sections of the popular forces in the struggle for full time stable employment and for the social rights as a whole.




The Cheonan - Another Gulf of Tonkin?

Cathy Fischer
May 30, 2010

The sinking of the Cheonan, the South Korean ship which is supposed to have been sunk by a North Korean submarine, looks more and more like a ‘Gulf of Tonkin’ incident being used as an excuse to attack North Korea.

The Cheonan was part of a joint military exercise, Operation Foal Eagle, by South Korea and the United States, taking place off Baengnyeong Island and sank on March 26. Baengnyeong Island is only 20 kilometers from North Korea in an area that the North claims as its maritime territory. A committee appointed by the South Korean government immediately charged that the Cheonan had been sunk by a North Korean sub, and the mainstream media have pursued a policy of repeating the charge endlessly while ignoring the information that has come out refuting the charge.


The 11th International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties
Intervention by CP of the Russian Federation
India, New-Delhi, November 20-22, 2009
Intervention by Vyacheslav Tetekin,
Member of Presidium, Secretary of the Central Committee,
Communist Party of the Russian Federation
Dear Comrades,
I’m very glad to be here in this unique brotherhood of the Communists of the World. We have here an extremely valuable exchange of ideas and experience. It is a great inspiration to Russian Communists.
It is a year since the world economic crisis broke out. Its nature and possible consequences are still at the focus of attention. This is a systemic crisis which makes one doubt about the prospects of the American-style global economy that predominates in the world today. I think it would be appropriate in this respect to share the views outlined by the Russian Communists.
The events of late last year and this year have proved the validity of the classical Marxist-Leninist thesis to the effect that crises are an inherent and inevitable part of capitalism. The advocates of a free-for-all market have suddenly discovered that the existing capitalist system would have collapsed but for the resolute state interference. We have watched with interest the government in the citadel of the free market, the one of the USA, doing precisely what the Communists have been proposing all along, nationalizing key banks and major corporations.
There is a lively debate on whether the bottom has been reached and whether the recovery of the economy, of which there are some signs, will be fast or slow. Glib pronouncements about the end of the crisis have drowned out some candid and honest assessments, which hold that this is a crisis of the current speculative model of capitalism, and that its origin is the United States of America, the beacon of the capitalist world.

Statement in Support of the Dilma Rousseff Presidency Candidature

Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB)

March 19, 2010

We communicate that on past Friday, March 5th, in a meeting of the National Political Commission of the Central Committee, the Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB) decided to endorse Dilma Rousseff’s pre-candidacy to the presidency of the Republic in next October elections.

President Luis Inácio Lula da Silva proposed Dilma Rousseff’s candidacy to all parties supporting his government. Dilma is presently the minister in charge of coordinating governmental policies (Chief of Staff).


  1. Greetings to the CPUSA 29th Convention

  2. Greetings to the CPUSA 29th National Convention from the Communist Party of Canada

  3. KKE Message to the National Committee of CPUSA on the Occasion of the CPUSA 29th National Convention

  4. Email by CPUSA Lake-of-the-Woods Club Co-Chair Alan L. Maki on the Censorship of the KKE Greetings to the CPUSA 29th National Convention

  5. CPUSA National Committee Responds to Criticism of Censure of KKE Statement by Releasing Statement in Support of Greek Workers, KKE and PAME

  6. CPUSA National Board Criticizes Authors Keeran, Kenny for Canada Visit

Letter to FOS e-Bulletin Editor from Angelo Di Angelo, Ed Wlody, Kevin Keating:

For a CPUSA that Honors the Soviet Experience

There’s no avoiding an ideological struggle in our Party over twentieth-century socialism.

This convention must not accept such opportunistic and evasive formulations as “In some ways we were prisoners of the experience of Russia in 1917,” (“Democracy Matters,” interview with Sam Webb in Political Affairs, 2004

The CPUSA’s partisan view of the Soviet Union (1917-1991) is rooted neither in nostalgia nor obsession, nor unthinking habit. It is a commitment to the truth and to principle.  We were not "prisoners" of anything. Our steadfastness will have practical implications for the future.



Cuba Files

International Communist Review

4th European Communist Meeting on Education

 Australian Marxist Review

Lebanese CP - Monthly Bulletin No. 11

G8/G20 Imperialist Summit Toronto, ON June 26, 2010
Police Charge Patriotic Canadian Youth

30,000 Say Yes to Peace! No to NATO!

Lisbon Nov.21, 2010

Portuguese Communist Party

 Free The Cuban Five

The Latest From FOS:

  • International
    The Way I See It - Afghanistan Revisited

    Those of us who support CPA, including the members of CPS assert that anti-Sovietism was and continues to be pro-war and anti-peace. During the darkest days of the cold-war when the threat of nuclear war loomed over the planet, the Soviet Union was the main force of restraint over the worst of the US imperialist reactionary forces thirsting for war.

  • Marxism-Leninism
    Proposal for a New International

    The proposal last November 2009 to organize a new international having the support of left-socialist revolutionary parties in Latin America, on the initiative of Hugo Chavez, is an important development in the anti-imperialist movement urgently in need of credible communist analysis.

  • Federal Politics
    Prime Minister Harper (Assisted by Jim Flaherty and Peter Van Loan) Leads the Whole World Forward To the New “Enlightened Sovereignty” of the 21st Century

    Prime Minister Harper’s address to the World Economic Forum (WEF)[1] in Davos Switzerland January 28, 2010 can’t be dismissed as just unctuous and vapid; it was worse than that.  Harper adopting his familiar and grating patronizing manner underwhelmed the elite audience of capitalist intellectual luminaries, by suggesting that minority Conservative Government economic policies under Harper’s leadership is the example the nations of the world must follow to emerge triumphant from the worst capitalist depression since the market crash of October 1929.

  • Federal Politics
    Organized Labour and the Politics of the Class Struggle Today

    A Convention of the Communist Party of Canada (CPC) is always a significant event in the struggle of the working class to defeat capitalism and replace it with socialism.  Only the Communists strive to take responsibility for the whole revolutionary process underway in our own country and globally.  Every revolutionary class conscious worker is concerned that the Communist Party becomes strengthened and more effective in fulfilling its historic responsibilities to the working class of Canada and all of its peoples and for the victorious outcome of the cause of the International Communist Movement.

  • Federal Politics
    The Way I See It! - Some Critical Comments

    The main link that can move the entire political process forward is a clearly articulated and unambiguous revolutionary working class program to confront US-Canadian corporate power and its stranglehold on Parliament, the State, the military and the economy. That task must be the main theme of the upcoming 36th Convention of the Communist Party of Canada (CPC). From the convention an appeal that reaches out to all of organized labour and the democratic forces of our country with a plan to unite electorally to defeat Harper, and decisively, will be influential within labour and garner widespread appeal with Canadian workers. That is a concentration task and if it is solved, the organizational tactics to achieve it can be worked out.


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V.I. Lenin State and Revolution – 1916 – Volume 25 page 410 Progress Publishers Moscow 1964.

“Imperialism – the era of bank capital, the era of gigantic capitalist monopolies, of the development of monopoly capitalism into state monopoly capitalism – has clearly shown an extraordinary strengthening of the “state machine” and an unprecedented growth in its bureaucratic and military apparatus in connection with the intensification of repressive measures against the proletariat both in the monarchial and in the freest, republic countries.”

VI Lenin - Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism

“As long as capitalism remains what it is, surplus capital will be utilised not for the purpose of raising the standard of living of the masses in a given country, for this would mean a decline in profits for the capitalists, but for the purpose of increasing profits by exporting capital abroad to the backward countries.”

WWS Archives...

36th Convention of the Communist


News and Statements from:
The Communist Party of Canada

Communist Party of Canada May Day Statement 2010
Unite to Demand a People's Recovery!

The corporate‑owned mass media greet us daily with upbeat economic reports about how the global economic crisis is over and that ‘recovery is now well underway’. This is all very comforting, but it’s also a gross perversion of the truth.

In reality, there is no recovery for most working people in this country. Unemployment and job insecurity remain high, with over 1.5 million (8.2%) out of work according to official statistics; real unemployment is closer to 12%. Since 2003, more than half million well‑paying manufacturing jobs been wiped out, 290,000 in the past two years alone. Soon EI benefits will be running out for hundreds of thousands of these unemployed workers.

Nor is there any recovery for young people trying to find work or to complete their education. Or for Aboriginal peoples who continue to suffer systemic joblessness and grinding poverty. Or for new immigrants and their families trying to build a better life. Or for pensioners and others on fixed income.

So what kind of recovery is this? It’s a recovery for the profits of the biggest banks and corporations, and for those who own and control them.


The Communist Party of Canada has issued the Main Political Resolution coming out of the 36th Central Convention February 2010.  Canadians for Peace and Socialism will be commenting on the document in the coming weeks and months.  It is an essential document for all workers to read, discuss and distribute.


From the Keynote Address to the 36th Central Convention by Comrade Miguel Figueroa:


“The second and final point I wish to make refers to the centrality of our theoretical and ideological work. Of course, we have a clearly delineated theoretical perspective and world-view – Marxism-Leninism – which is reflected in our Party program, our strategy & tactics, and our daily work as Communists. We all remember Lenin’s famous dictum: “without revolutionary theory, there can be no revolutionary movement”. But the theoretical basis of our Party – and that of the Communist movement internationally – can never be neglected or taken for granted, for without its constant development and application to ever-changing conditions, our theoretical basis, and with it our movement itself, would wither and perish.


"As important as this question always is, it could rightly be argued that it is even more critical today, for it is undeniable that as the class struggle intensifies, so too does the ideological struggle – the ‘battle of ideas’ – sharpen. It is hardly coincidental that it is precisely now, when the crisis of capitalism is deepening, that we witness an increased ideological offensive from our class adversary in the form of a revival of anti-communism, ‘philosophical’ attacks on the concept of socialism, and crude attempts to falsify or re-write the history of our movement in Canada and around the world.

CPC 36th Central Convention Main Political Resolution


Build Solidarity with the Striking Sudbury Miners at Vale Inco
March 5, 2010



Militant May Day Greetings 2010
April 30, 2010

Rebel Youth Magazine Blog:
75,000 Quebec Workers March!

March 20, 2010

A few days after the expiry of collective agreements for employees of public and parastatal sectors, thousands of people, members and friends of the Common Front SISP-CSN-FTQ from all regions of Quebec, marched in the streets of Montreal to remind the government that the solutions to improve public services go through the negotiation.



Speech by Johan Boyden, YCL-LJC General Secretary
To the 36 Central Convention Communist Party of Canada

Three years ago, the YCL stood at this podium giving greetings on the eve of our re-founding convention. New delegates may not know this, but in a deliberate and calculated attempt to attack the Communist Party of Canada thirty years ago, a campaign was initiated to destroy, terminate, liquidate the revolutionary youth around the Party. Some members who fought against that attack are here today.



25th Central Convention of the YCL-LJC
September 24-26, Toronto ON


 YCL Central Convention Announcement

June 23, 2010

NEW DATES : September 24-25-26

Dear comrades and friends,

As you no doubt have heard, due to unexpected circumstances the Central Committee of the YCL-LJC was forced to postpone our 25th Convention, originally scheduled for May. We are now pleased to announce the new dates of the convention: Friday September 24 to Sunday September 26, to be held in Toronto. We are re-issuing the original convention call, below, which can also be found online, together with registration.

The Central Committee encourages all clubs and members to continue to meet this summer to discuss the main documents, the pre-convention discussion, and nominate delegates. As we enter an extended period of ideological mobilization, clubs and committees should compare their concrete political realities of struggle with the framework of the main convention documents and deepen discussion of the documents.

We also encourage all clubs and committees of the YCL-LJC to re-enforce their activities building the convention financially, organizationally and politically, and to broaden and deepen our engagement with friends and allies regarding the convention.

The Central Committee has struck a special committee to review and discuss the YCL-LJC Constitution as an additional item of business for the Central Convention. The committee will be reporting by early September as a special discussion bulletin.

The deadline for convention discussion bulletin #4 is July 1, 2010.

With the additional time to organize, let's  make this convention an exciting moment for the YCL-LJC and the youth struggle!

In solidarity and comradeship,