Tudeh Party of Iran, Communiqu� No 4 and No 5 on the electoral Coup d'etat in Iran-19 June 2009
June 17 and 19, 2009
Central Committee, Tudeh Party of Iran (Communist Party of Iran)

Number 4
Valiyeh Faghih, the Guardian Council, Ahmadinejad government, and the leadership of the Guard's Corps are the organizers of the Coup and the calamity of the bloody suppression of the popular movement
The recent call by Mir Hossein Mousavi to continue protests and his communiqu� to rally and march tomorrow, Thursday, June 18, is a principled stance and in line with the national will and desires of the people of our country!
Combatant Compatriots!
Your glorious struggle shows ever more and clearly your steadfastness and consciousness in struggle against reaction and despotism despite all the deceits, violent and bloody attacks by the mercenaries of Valiyeh Faghih (Supreme religious leader). In the critical and difficult moments of the last 24 hours, popular forces maintaining their presence in the streets of Tehran and other major cities have cleverly nullified the deceitful plans of the dictatorial regime and showed that they are determined to continue on with their courageous struggle despite all difficulties and being gunned down in their peaceful and quiet march by the mercenaries of the Valayate Faghih regime and mercenary guard and baseej thugs.
Regime leaders, through different clandestine meetings, measuring the strength of the popular movement and the threats they will face with the continuation of the movement are hatching different scenarios. Even when the heads of the reaction's Guardian Council have indicated their willingness to recount some of the votes, the thugs linked to the intelligence apparatus have started an offensive to incarcerate a large number of the leaders and active members of the national-religious forces in Tehran and other cities. Today's news of the burying the victims of the savage attack of the regime thugs on Tehran University dormitories (on Sunday night) in secret has raised an international outrage. Also, based on the published news, members of the Freedom Movement, a few national-religious forces, well-known medical doctors, and human rights activists in Tabriz have been arrested in the protest march in Aabresan Square in Tabriz and have been transferred to unknown locations.
Velayate Faghih (Theocratic) regime, on the one hand by brutalizing peaceful demonstrations and killing defenceless peoples is attempting to scare the masses and create an atmosphere of terror and on the other hand, by massive and targeted arrests, is attempting to separate the heads of the movement from the rest of it. The massive arrests in the recent days are along the reaction's plan to stop the organizing in the movement and strengthening and solidification of the solidarity in its ranks. In addition, along with brutal suppression and the arrests, Valiyeh Faghih and institutions such as the Guardian Council are engaging in calculated manoeuvres to weaken and divert the protest movement of the masses and drive a wedge between the reformers and freedom loving forces. Ali Khamenei, meeting with the representatives of the electoral campaigns of the four candidates of the tenth presidential elections, and exactly after the show of force by the people's power in Tehran and other cities, encouraged all the regime tendencies, including the reformers, to maintain clam and mutual cooperation amongst each other. He emphasized that in these conditions and in the face of popular protests, different governing tendencies should not engage in confrontation. Furthermore, Valiyeh Faghih "promised" to investigate what he termed the "doubts" and "problems". The Guardian Council also promised recounts and the complaints by Mousavi and Karoubi.
Recount and the call for cooperation between the tendencies is a manoeuvre targeted at the reformers, especially the election candidates, and if these forces are deceived by that, the tide will shift to the ruling reaction and the putschists and the popular movement will suffer serious damages. Resistance of Mir Hossein Mousavi, Karoubi, and the reformers has played an effective role up to now in the continuation of the popular movement and people are justifiably seeking the continuation of the resistance and neutralizing of any plots by Valiye Faghih (Supreme religious leader) and the mercenaries listening to him. For this reason, the call for marches on Thursday 18th June should be greeted and seen as a welcoming sign in the current sensitive moment. The emphasis on the annulment of the election results by the reformers and their reliance on the limitless power of the masses is the only way to confront the coup by the ruling reaction. Retreat and defeat in this critical struggle means strengthening and solidification of the anti national, anti people regime and very serious for our national interests, destiny, and the future of our country.
Dear Compatriots!
In the sensitive and fateful current conditions, by keeping vigilance, the plots hatched by backward putshists who are trying to turn popular protests into violence should be neutralized and exposed and the struggle should be continued according to the specific conditions and using all means. The recent call by Mir Hossein Mousavi to continue protests and his communiqu� to rally on June 18th is a principled stance and along the demands and will of our people. In this regard, Tudeh Party of Iran, supporting the initiatives of Mir Hossein Mousavi and other reformers in continuation of the protests along with other progressive and Nationalist parties and organizations calls for the following just demands:
� The annulment of the election results and holding of a new round of elections,
� Report, prosecution, and removal from the office of the planers and implementers of those committing the fraud and all those involved in this un-lawful act,
� The immediate and unconditional release of all those arrested in the recent days,
� Report, prosecution, and punishment of those responsible for shooting to death of the people in the demonstrations and the savage attack on the gatherings and university dormitories ,
� The guarantee and safeguarding of a clean, competitive, just election and free from interference by military institutions and the vetting by the Guardian Council
Noble Compatriots!
Continue on with your violence-free protests, against the wish of the reactionaries, in all forms and using all means. The only way to confront the coup by the mercenaries bound to orders of Valiye Faghih is your vibrant and massive presence in the struggle. The just call for the annulment of the election results is only achievable through your tireless and vigilant efforts against regime's plots.
Ardent Greetings to the Courageous People of Iran
Victory to the People's Struggle Against the Ruling Reaction Coup d'eta
Greetings to the Martyrs of Freedom and Justice
Central Committee of the Tudeh Party of Iran
June 17, 2009

The Communiqu� of the Central Committee of the Tudeh Party of Iran
Number 5
The language of force and threat will not stop people in their rightful struggle!
The Vigilant People of Iran!
Amid the escalation of the protest movement in the recent days and the continuing mass demonstrations in large and small cities in Iran, in this week�s Friday mass prayers in Tehran (19th June) the Supreme Leader (Velayat-e-Faqih) not only distorted the truth and openly defended the coup d��tat of his own puppets and overtly supported Ahmadi-Nejad�s administration, but also threatened the people and the presidential candidates of the 10th elections. His position and his emphasize on this point that the election and its outcome is considered the �absolute victory� of the regime and �illegal novelties� are not allowed [referring to the call for annulment of elections], indicate the fact that the powerful movement of people has seriously petrified the regime, and the regime is exploiting all it resources and power to curb this movement. What Ali Khamenei stated in the Friday�s prayers in Tehran as the official policy of the Velayat-e-Faqih regime, was not unexpected. This policy has in fact been followed and meticulously implemented since the first day of mass protests and demonstrations. Bloody suppression of people, vast and purposeful arrests, attempts to weaken the strength of the movement in various ways, and efforts to divide the reformist and freedom-fighters and to disconnect the resistant pro-reform individuals from the popular movement, are various elements and parts of the aforementioned policy.
Reform seeking, Freedom-loving and Progressive Parties and Forces!
The current powerful protest movement has challenged the ruling reaction and despots. The eternal power of people is the most significant support for realizing the people�s demands, i.e. to annul the election outcome and to scrap �approbation supervision�. It was for a reason that in his sermon on Friday the Supreme Leader stressed on this factor, i.e. the power of people, more than anything else, and by openly threatening the pro reform leaders asked them to part themselves from the people and send them home. There is a very important point in this stance, or devious tactic of the Supreme Leader, which could not be neglected. The goal of the perpetrators of the coup d��tat under the leadership of the Supreme Leader is to create a divide between the reform seekers who by their splendid resistance so far, have effectively helped to reinforce the popular movement and to defeat the plots of the ruling reaction. That's why the people and millions of perturbed Iranians rightfully call for perseverance and unity and strengthening of the alliance and solidarity among the pro reform forces and freedom fighters. Any divisive action must be avoided by all means; calls for demonstrations or any shape and form of protest must be coordinated and united, and any kind of dispersion must be confronted with.
The power of the movement is in its united action. The plot of the Supreme Leader to divide the pro reform forces and to distance them from each other could only be defeated by coordination, unison and united action. The seemingly tough plots of the Supreme Leader and the coup d��tat perpetrators under his leadership must be defeated vigilantly and by relying on the power of the masses. It is this relentless and powerful presence of masses in protest to the clear violations of the laws and rights by the regime that will force the regime to retreat. The piercing voice of rightful protest of the people movement is echoed more than ever, both internally and across the world. The will of our combative people calls for this voice to be resonated louder and louder.
The Combatant People of Iran,
The Supreme Leader has threatened to suppress. These types of threats are not new to our people. They know the true suppressive nature of the regime and it is with this knowledge that they have stepped into this struggle for rights. The experiences of all the nations around the world in struggle, including the heroic people of Iran, prove that suppression, killing, and using force is not an indication of power. By using violence and killing people, dictators show their weakness. The official position and policy of the Supreme Leader which was outlined in this Friday�s prayers is not an exception to this point. The Supreme Leader threatening to suppress the people and the reformist candidates (Mousavi and Karrubi) in no way stems from a strong position. The position of the Supreme Leader and the coup d��tat agents, despite the vast resources that they have in their disposal against the powerful wave of people, is extremely weak. Therefore, with a combination of peaceful struggle and resistance through various avenues, including demonstrations and sit-ins that are rooted in the popular and revolutionary traditions of our nation, the reaction could be forced to retreat.
Hand in hand and united we will continue the struggle and confrontation with the Supreme Leader and dark-minded coup perpetrators to demand the annulment of the recent presidential elections, scrapping �approbation supervision�, freedom of those who were arrested in the recent events and also other political prisoners, trial and punishment of those who ordered the killing of people and those who executed the killings, and reporting and putting to trial of those who planned and executed the elections coup.
Central Committee of Tudeh Party of Iran
19th June 2009