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Sylvia Hope Currie (nee) Bradley

Sylvia Currie 

Born March 27th 1935 Saskatoon Saskatchewan. Died April 6th 2009 Slocan British Columbia


Tim Buck Avenue has been created by the Focus on Socialism website for tributes and retrospectives on the lives of ordinary workers who lived extraordinary lives because they committed themselves to the struggle for peace and socialism.


Sylvia Bradley was one of those exemplary people.


From time to time Focus on Socialism will publish excerpts from a larger work in progress about her life. Sylvia left an important archive, of recollections, writings, photos and mementos from her political life in the Communist movement from her youth to old age.


The archive is historically important and will be of interest to all those workers, farmers, youth and students who shared a similar path in life.


We are certain it will evoke recollections for many of her contemporaries and invite interest from the younger generation now entering the struggle.


Statement on the Passing of Sylvia Hope Currie (Nee) Bradley

“Sylvia Bradley Currie was a modest, tireless, brave, devoted and public advocate of the anti-imperialist struggle for world peace! She was a member of Canadians for Peace and Socialism and life-long member-builder of the Canadian Peace Congress. Proudly working class, Sylvia was a Canadian patriot and condemned the elites of wealth and privilege that despoil Canada! Having lived among the Soviet people, travelled in the German Democratic Republic, and studied firsthand the achievements of socialism, she rejoiced in the victories of each country that embarked on that noble path. Admired for her composure, intelligence, generosity, wit, culture and civility and her support for all things truly human and beautiful, she will be greatly missed by family and all progressives who share her internationalist working class world view!”


Don Currie, Chair Canadians for Peace and Socialism, April 2009