Joint Statement of Communist and

Joint Statement of Communist and Workers Parties of the EU Countries

Dear comrades,

We send you attached a joint statement of Communist and Workers Parties of the EU Countries on the occasion of the EU Summit of Heads of States of February 11.

The statement was drafted by the Workers’ Party of Belgium, the CP of Greece and CP of Ireland and has been endorsed, till now, by 23 Communist and Workers’ Party from 20 countries.

The statement remains open for furthers endorsements

The international relations sections of the CC of KKE

The EU Summit of Heads of States of February 11 signals a new severe attack against the working class and the peoples of Europe. The resolutions of the Summit, in accordance with the “EU 2020 Strategy” which promotes and deepens the Lisbon Strategy, intensify the anti-people policy of the European Union and the bourgeois governments by means of hard measures against the working class and the people. They seek to reinforce the profitability of the European monopolies both within the European Union and in the international imperialist competition.

The EU strategy for an exit from the crisis is based on the imposition of sweeping changes in social security systems, on the increase in retirement ages and on drastic cuts in salaries, pensions and social benefits as a whole. This attack bears the stamp of the liberal and social democratic forces which have supported the strategy of capital in cooperation with the European Union. 

The deficit and public debt and the supervision of the economies of several member-states including Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and other countries are used for the ideological intimidation of the working people throughout Europe.

The transnational companies and the banks made immense profits through the exploitation of the workers and from state subsidies tax reliefs, both before and during the crisis. They now compete for the lion’s share of the new lending. Once again they place the burden on workers, the poor and small and medium family farmers and the self-employed by means of scaremongering and intimidation.

The spirit of resistance is intensified among the European workers who are not ready to bear the cost of crisis for which they are not liable in the least. In Greece, Portugal and other countries, workers, civil servants and small and medium farmers are holding public demonstrations and going on strike against the austerity measures taken. The Communist and Workers Parties signatories are playing a protagonist role in this movement, being in the front line of the class struggle.

The Communist and Workers’ Parties call on the working class and peoples in each country to organize their counterattack and to condemn the parties that support the EU anti-people offensive; to strengthen the ranks of the class oriented labour movement; to reject social partnership that promotes anti-people policies, and give a strong response to the anti-people assault, demanding instead: full and stable employment with full rights for all, substantial increase in salaries, the abolition of all anti-welfare and anti-labour laws, a reduction in retirement ages and exclusively free Education, Health and Welfare. Workers can live better without capitalists; it is they who produce the wealth and therefore they should enjoy it.

The Parties

1.             Workers' Party of Belgium

2.            Communist Party of Britain

3.            New Communist Party of Britain

4.            Communist Party of Bulgaria

5.            Party of the Bulgarian Communists

6.            AKEL, Cyprus

7.            Communist Party in Denmark

8.            Communist Party of Estonia

9.            Communist Party of Finland

10.          Communist Party of Greece

11.           Hungarian Communist Workers' Party

12.          Communist Party of Ireland

13.          Workers' Party of Ireland

14.          Party of the Italian Communists, Italy

15.          Socialist Party of Latvia

16.          Socialist Party of Lithuania

17.          Communist Party of Luxembourg

18.          Communist Party of Malta

19.          New Communist Party of the Netherlands

20.         Communist Party of Poland

21.          Communist Party of Slovakia

22.          Communist Party of Peoples of Spain

23.          Communist Party of Sweden