The 2010 Speech from the Throne

The 2010 Speech from the Throne – The Harper Doctrine

WC O'Casey
March 3, 2010

The anti-people minority government of Steven Harper today outlined their dark and ominous vision for the Canadian people.  Playing to his narrow and reactionary support base, Harper sketched his government’s plans for a continued assault on organized labour and the working people of Canada. The Throne Speech to the 3rd session of the 40th Parliament of Canada is a continuation the Harper doctrine which began in 2004 with the rise of the united right-wing in Canada.

The extremist forces of reaction are uniting behind the Harper doctrine as a way to suppress any fight-back by organized labour and the Canadian people.  Plans to solidify his three pillars of “Canadian development” – finance capital, energy exports and military expansion – are well underway and are being implemented without the consent of Parliament or the Canadian people.  The cowardly and vacillating opposition parties are being out manoeuvred by the cunning and sinister brain trust of the Harper regime.

PM Harper plans to;

1.    Accelerate the sell-out of Canadian resources and the policy of raw bitumen exports to US upgraders and refineries, expand the north-south oil, natural gas and hydro transportation networks;

2.    Militarise the Arctic, work with US, NORTHCOM and NORAD to deploy space based technologies, possible BMD;

3.    Export more capital to Central and South America and the Caribbean;

4.   Gut the federal public service and reduce federal employees and their wages, while privatizing sections of the federal service;

5.     Privatized Atomic Energy Canada;

6.     Attack organized labour;

7.     Bar working class youth from education;

8.     Use anti-communism and phoney Canadian patriotism and chauvinism;

9.     Continue the support and practice of raw log exports to the US;

10.   Dismantle and privatize the federal pension system;

11.    Continue the attack and abandonment of Canada’s Aboriginal peoples,

12.    Continue the attack on women, children and youth

The essence of the Throne Speech by Harper regime is summed up in the following statements:

“Our Government will extend support for advanced research, development and prototyping of new space-based technologies, especially in support of Arctic sovereignty”

 “Canada’s strategy for economic success must leverage our considerable strengths, in particular our world-leading financial industry and energy resource endowment.”

Focus On Socialism will be commenting on the Harper doctrine in the coming days, weeks and months ahead.  The Harper Speech from the Throne is a sinister document designed to confuse working people into uniting with imperialism in joint exploitation of other working peoples and to accept the full weight of the deepening crisis.