Statement of Movement for Peace

Statement of Movement for Peace, Sovereignty and Solidarity Among Peoples (Mopassol)


July 6, 2010

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In the shadow of the World Cup (South Africa 2010), major U.S. military and Israel forces have moved to the Persian Gulf, adding the Fifth Fleet which has been deployed in the northwest Indian Ocean since 1995.  Today, we know Iran protests over the last few days because they are denied the fuel supply to their airliners in the United Kingdom, Germany and UAE.

Fidel Castro has warned for weeks about an impending attack on Iran by Israel and the U.S., an attack that has a high probability of becoming a nuclear war.  Such a conflagration would risk the survival of humanity said Hugo Chavez (Venezuela President) on Friday.

The Mopassol adds to the warnings of both statesmen, experienced and knowledgeable about the scenes of international politics and organizations and people called to complain by all means at its disposal, the great danger, which increases day after day of war unpredictable global consequences.

Buenos Aires, July 6, 2010

Mopassol, Board

TE 4951-4985 (Monday to Friday from 17 to 20 hours)

Press: cel. 156 204 1571

Dear friends: we them extend this urgent communiqué from the Mopassol, hoping to help us to spread widely. Then we added in our message disseminated in Argentina by the IADEG PL report.

Cordially. Mopassol

Next horizon       

By Silvio Gonzalez (press Latin *)

29 June 2010, Havana, (PL) currently a fleet of war is positioned to launch as a predator against Iran in what may be the trigger for the Persian Gulf war third, according to former officers STRATFOR, thinking tank dedicated to strategic studies of U.s. intelligence.

 U.S. extreme, erroneous and unthinkable options make us again sniff the smell of gunpowder and the cannon smoke.

But this time war could count on the active participation of North Korea which would simultaneously destabilize a vast geographical region where Russia and China have inalienable vital interests.

Since the time of the former American President, George w. Bush, the Pentagon already has provided for possible scenarios scale conflict to try to isolate any support from Russia and China to Iran that will be blocked and assaulted with the ultimate American arsenal.

But all these plans were engavetados years because the cost of applying them would be prohibitive for all allies, raises the Portside site.

In this 21st century, where insanity rides unbridled, naked, and give ear screams, I hope that history to record a President who opt for sanity and diplomacy and avoid drag us all to the bottom of the dark abyss, points site Drudge Report.

Kuwait, Egypt also are on high alert to growing u.s. officials and little movement disguised important naval media and the aircraft carrier USS Harry Truman, statements that boasts 60 aircraft and more than six thousand troops, publishes Daily News.

Vigilant shield in 2006

Already in December 2006 U.s. had practised an exercise called shield Watcher where faced with nuclear Russia, China and North Korea says researcher William A.. Arkin.

Basically this war game was that Russia decides to defend the North Korea and attacking us, which responds without stop Russian bomb of a kiloton that explodes in the Pentagon and kills 6 thousand people.

According to the training, Russia against - attacks and destroys the bunkers for security staff of the President of the United States located in Cheyenne Mountain and Raven Rock noted Colorado Springs Gazette, 6 October 2006.

Operation Brimstone in 2008

Michel Chossudovsky of the Center for global research did a study entitled naval blockade or war with all available means against Iran, where detailed possible options that United States would apply in a clash of that nature.

July 21, 2008 United States conducted operation Brimstone on its East Coast, from Virginia to Florida, according to the Middle East times August 11, 2008.

In that context a multinational naval force was used to prevent the entry or exit of vessels which may violate the resolutions adopted by the u.s. Congress and by United Nations, according to the news bulletin of the Navy.

* The aim of this operation was train in shallow water Navy to operate in the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz and face an enemy that clearly called by name, Iran.

* Other initial objective would be to implement a naval blockade, but this would involve a declaration of war against this country and a gross violation of international law, says Francis Boyle specialist.

* The same stated that you consider violates the implementation of a naval blockade because it uses force even against third countries which are not involved in the conflict, and that is recognized by the Declaration of Paris in 1856 and the London 1909.

Managed by the Pentagon alternatively that NATO forces including Israel, to implement a preemptive surgical nuclear blow to prevent alleged Iranian nuclear weapons proliferation says journalist Paul Dibb, Sydney Morning Herald, 11 February 2008.

As DoD this action does not affect the civilian population and could run even in the case that Iran has no nuclear weapons, says the intelligence estimate for the year 2007.

According to a Senate legislation 2003 there is now a new generation of tactical nuclear weapons or mini pumps are six times larger than the one used in Hiroshima and are considered safe, because it does not affect civilians because the explosion originates first underground.

NATO report favours the use since a preemptive nuclear strike already that - considered - weapons such are the main instrument of asymmetric response the best tool to perform an escalation.

Journalist Seymour Hersh said that this confrontation would bring unforeseen consequences to taxpayers and a high number of casualties.

* According website there are at least 14 cities nuclear Iran, but for a pre-emptive strike, it is necessary to hit at least others 125 white with biological and chemical weapons, and also other 300 extra to be able to defeat the defences of Iran.

It has more than 500 Russian rockets surface-to-air and many of the Shehab type for what can simultaneously hitting to the Allied forces in Iraq and also cause serious damage in Israel, calculates that font...

According to the United States Energy Department, over 20 percent of oil consumed by the planet passes through the Strait of Hormuz and if a conflict lasted there, the price can climb more $ 200 barrel in 24 hours.

Now launch against Iran would be seen by the Muslim world as a confirmation that U.s. intends to make a war against all Islam to radicalise many suggest several Arab media.

President Barack Obama, constitutionally as Commander-in-Chief of the u.s. armed forces, has in its hands the decision final, unlike its competitors in the presidential passes, John McCain and Sarah Pailing, is not a man who suffers from an encyclopedic ignorance.

As an attorney has knowledge of international law, the fair and the illegal but it is a statesman harassed by powerful conglomerates that challenge it and no other representative, according to the Wall St. Journal.

* Create typical villains imaginaries of children's animated or promote the dehumanizing rhetoric that considers the wars as a civilizing influence is always a temptation in that nation, but their results are invariably tragic because Napoleon time long ago became.

But the truth is that a situation of incalculable consequences and unpredictable scenarios would be a devastating war without winners or losers and the entire world economy could be bedridden in intensive therapy so the planet could return to the era of the caves.

One of the fundamental problems of war games is the fact that tend to be confused with chess, where it is attacking and dodging blows.

Why it is better to see it as a Kaleidoscope, give him a hand back a piece where is to trigger a series of unpredictable events and out of control, says Charles V. Pe√Īa Professor at George Washington University.

 (*) The author is head of the Department of broadcast media Latin.